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Cookies and personal data

1.1.1 When the data transmitted for the to services of the Platform include personal data, Divingaway.com guarantees to the User that he has fulfilled all the obligations incumbent upon him under the terms of the Legislation on the Processing of Personal Data (Law n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, relating to data processing, files, and individual liberties as amended by Law n° 2004-801 of August 6, 2004, Decree n° 2005-1309 of October 20, 2005, taken for the application of the Law of January 6, 1978, and the standards established and published by the French National Authority competent in data protection). 

1.1.2 Divingaway.com undertakes to inform the User concerned, as a physical person, of the use that is made of said personal data, which is in no case resold to third parties. 

1.1.3 As such, the User guarantees Divingaway.com against any recourse, complaint, or claim from a natural person whose personal data is reproduced and hosted via the service used.

1.1.4 If the data is stored on servers located in countries outside the European Union, Divingaway.com will undertake to obtain specific authorization for the transfer of data, as well as all necessary authorizations in general, from the CNIL or any other organization under the legislation in force.

1-1-5 The data is not used for any other purpose than the operation of the Platform nor resold to third parties. The personal data collected by Divingaway.com will be recorded in the customer-user file. They will only be used for the proper management of the relationship between the customer-user and the Service Provider.
Access to such data is strictly limited to Divingaway.com employees authorized to process them by virtue of their functions.
Divingaway.com, apart from the cases stated above, undertakes not to sell, transfer or give access to third parties to this data without the prior written consent of the User client unless compelled to do so by a legitimate reason such as judicial obligation, the fight against fraud and/or abuse of exercise and/or the rights of the defense.

Divingaway.com reminds and acknowledges that the customer User has the right to access, rectify, portability, and erasure of his personal data or limitation of processing.
Any request from the User client will be made to Divingaway.com, which is responsible for this process. Divingaway.com's service provider is contractually committed to the same regulations concerning the protection of the User's personal data.

1.1.6 Divingaway.com, responsible for data processing, will also undertake to inform the User of the location of the server containing the data.

Confidentiality of Data

2.1.1 Divingaway.com undertakes to implement the appropriate technical means with the implementation of measures to ensure to the maximum of its power, the security of data contained in the Site, the objective of Divingaway.com being to prevent any access and/or fraudulent use of data, as well as to prevent the alteration, loss and/or destruction of data contained in the Site.

2.1.2 The Service Provider and the User have the obligation to be involved in this implementation in the interest of all parties. 

2.1.3 The Service Provider and the User shall not disclose their login ID and password to third parties.
In this context, Divingaway.com undertakes, as far as possible, to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of the data contained on the Site and the Reservation Platform.

The use of Cookies

3.1.1 Divingaway.com uses cookies to offer personalized service on the Website to the User.

3.1.2 Cookies allow the recording of information resulting from the User's navigation on the Site. 

3.1.3 When the User returns to the Site at a later date, the cookies then make it possible to offer information based on the pages of the Site previously consulted.
This process facilitates the User's navigation on the Site by offering him/her privileged access to information and products that are supposed to be of particular interest to him/her.
These cookies do not make it possible to identify the User.

3.1.4 The User is informed of the presence of cookies as soon as he/she accesses the Site, followed immediately by request to accept cookies. 
The User may oppose this registration via the preferences of his browser Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera™, Microsoft Internet Explorer...

Protection of the user client's personal data by the Service Provider

The Service Provider undertakes to protect the User's personal data through the General Terms and Conditions of Use that it has accepted.
4-1.1 The personal data of the User customer collected by the Provider mainly: name, postal address, telephone number, email address, bank details etc.. will be recorded in the file of the Provider and will be used only for the proper management of relations with the User customer and Divingaway.com. Access to personal data is strictly limited to the Service Provider's employees and agents authorized to process them by virtue of their functions.

4.1.2 Apart from the cases stated above, the Service Provider undertakes not to sell, transfer or give access to third parties to the data without the written consent of the User Client unless forced to do so for a legitimate reason or in case of force majeure (legal obligation, fight against fraud and/or abuse, exercise of the rights of defense...). The Service Provider acknowledges and accepts that the User Client has the right to access, rectify, portray or delete his personal data and/or to limit processing.

4.1.1 Jurisdiction in the event of a dispute is attributed to the courts within the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal of Aix-en-Provence.