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France Capital : PARIS
Language : French

Currency : Euro
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Dive trip Menton and Monaco

Stay, Diving holidays in France, in Menton and Monaco

A charming french destination on the Italian border, Menton is a very pleasant tourist resort on the French Riviera, located 7 km from Monaco and close to Ventimiglia. The city, with its colorful architecture, is located at the foot of the mountains, facing the Mediterranean Sea. The old town is superb with small squares, ochre façades with blinds, and narrow, winding alleys that lead down to the Promenade du Littoral. A dive trip to Menton is easily organized, thanks to the range of accommodations for all budgets, its microclimate, and its central location in the middle of its large diving area from Italy to Monaco.

The sites here do not present any particular difficulties. It is the ideal place to discover scuba diving. If you are already a diver, CMAS and PADI training courses are possible in the local dive shop, Palmes Beach Menton et l'Académie Monégasque de la Mer. To snorkel, go to Roquebrune-Cap-Martin below the hotel to make a departure from the beaches and rocks. Nevertheless, there are often free places on diving boats for snorkelers and freedivers. It's much more friendly and comfortable! Prepare your diving holidays in France with the tourist office of Menton.

Marine species in the area

Dive sites

As the coastline is cut up, there is always a place sheltered from the east or west wind. The dive sites are accessible to all levels of divers. Menton coastline presents about thirty sites distributed between the tip of the Mortola in Italy until Monaco, including drop-offs, shoals, and wrecks. The wreck of Heinkel 111 was laid 60 meters in Cap Martin and sank at the end of World War II. It's a German bombardier discovered in the 1960s. To see the hold where the bombs were stored, large wings, the landing train with wheels.

Accessible from France and Italy, The wreck of the Toulonnais, at a depth of 34 m, will leave you with a good memory for the groupers, conger eels, moray eels, octopus, and lobsters that have taken up residence there. Off the coast of Monaco, diving on the wreck of the Catalina seaplane is for experienced divers. The wreck of the Royal Air Force Gazelle helicopter is available to experience and expert tek divers.

Pretty dives are also carried out on a shoal covered with gorgonians in front of the village Grimaldi; on the Loews drop-off with big groupers; under the mythical oceanographic museum of Monaco perched on its cliff; around the sec à Chapons with capons and red gorgonians; in the Sainte Dévote, a dive site in open water, with forkbeard and lobsters.

Others Activities

Menton and Monaco : Dive shops


Palmes Beach Menton
France  - Menton

The diving center Palmes Beach Menton is located near the city of Menton. Offering a wide range of FFESSM and PADI courses, it also welcomes non-divers on board the boat when there is space. After diving, you can enjoy visiting the old town of Menton, the Cocteau museum, as well as going every weekend to the market of Ventimiglia or to the stores of San Remo, in Italy. Nearby there are many activities to practice from there like a paddle, canoe, jet ski. Divers will appreciate the proximity between the boat and the locals, the free parking, the comfort of the boat, the professionalism of the team. The Palmes Beach Menton dive center offers a wide range of dive sites from drop-offs to wrecks, from the tip of Mortola in Italy to Monaco. [+]

  • Functional boat
  • Near the old town
  • Free Nitrox
From 22,00 €


Abyss Underwater World Explorers Nice
France  - Nice

The Abyss Underwater World Explorers diving center has just opened its doors in Nice, rue Lascaris, close to the car park overlooking the embarkation platform to Corsica. Patrick Vanstraelen has more than 25,000 dives under his belt and has certified more than 4,000 divers! At Abyss Underwater World Explorers, you will discover recreational diving with first dives and benefit from small group courses. Take an interest in specialties such as night diving and diving first aid. But the highlight of Patrick Vanstraelen's diving school is tek with courses in JJ-CCR Rebreather and trimix. Abyss Underwater World Explorers and its instructors have been teaching the world's most popular diving programs and meeting the standards of the top TDI, IANTD, and PADI certification agencies for almost 20 years. Also participate with Abyss Underwater World Explorers in courses, expeditions, and trips around the world. Explore the underwater world on scooters. Abyss Underwater World Explorers is a school like no other that brings new blood to traditional diving in the Alpes Maritimes. You will also explore further and deeper the drop-offs of Nice and Villefranche-sur-Mer to live unforgettable adventures. The school's specialty? To reserve tek products go to https://divingaway.com/fr/centres-de-plongee-2384/abyss-underwater-world-explorers [+]

  • Tek Center
  • Welcome groups
  • Between 20 and 30 dive sites
From 0,00 €


Académie Monégasque de la Mer
France  - Monaco

The Académie Monégasque de la Mer diving center is located on the Larvotto beach in Monaco. Directed by Pierre Frollat, a four-time world recommends in freediving, the Monegasque Academy of the Sea offers courses in diving, freediving, water rescue, and first aid. These courses are open to all members of the association, whether they are 8 years old or older. The Monegasque Academy of the Sea allows you to train and specialize in these disciplines. A professional teaching team specific to the Monegasque Academy of the Sea supervises these courses throughout the year. In order to better transmit his knowledge, his values, and his passion, Pierre Frollat created this entity in 2002, which has now become an international reference in the field of children's diving. The young generation learns to discover, love, respect, and preserve the sea and its underwater world through unique programs at the Monegasque Academy of the Sea. In July and August, the children go to sea for the day, aboard one of the two boats of the center for multiple activities. Emphasis is also placed on freediving with discovery courses up to the highest level of teaching. Pierre Frolla also travels the world to share his story, his commitments, his daily struggles in the fields of research, education, and awareness of the protection of the environment and animal species, particularly sharks. The diving center l'Académie Monégasque de la Mer is, therefore, an exceptional address for those who discover the sea or who are passionate about freediving! [+]

  • Free dive training
  • Youth diving
  • Near Downtown area
From 40,00 €


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