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Sicily Capital : Palerme
Language : Italian

Currency : Euro
Time zone UTC : +1



Dive trip Marettimo

Holidays and Diving Stay in Sicilia, in the Egadi Archipelago, in Marettimo

Imagine a diving holiday in Italy with the best dive sites in the Mediterranean. Then organize your diving holiday in Marettimo, one of the 3 main islands, together with Favignana and Levanzo, of the Egadi archipelago, located in the west of Sicily. Very popular with experienced divers, a diving holiday in Marettimo will delight you as the island is quiet and authentic, with only one village, few inhabitants, one road, and few vehicles. Finding accommodation in Marettimo requires booking hotels or guesthouses early enough to stay there with good addresses like Merettimo residence 3* Isola del miele hotel 2* or Holiday Marettimo "Il Corallo". Stroll through this lovely village with white houses and blue shutters including a fishing port. Small restaurants offer delicious fish dishes with sultanas, capers, thyme, olives, and tomatoes. The locals live by the sun and the arrival of the boats. Explore Marettimo by bike or on foot to discover the beautiful landscape and Mediterranean flora. Your stay in Marettimo is tailored to focus on nature and yourself. Here you can enjoy hiking activities thanks to the mountainous terrain reaching almost 700 m above sea level, topped by the Punta Troia castle, dating back to the Norman domination of the Egadi islands. with steep and marked trekking paths. Beautiful cliffs fall into the sea. You can also enjoy sea-oriented leisure activities thanks to the beaches located at the end of the enclosed coves with translucent waters. A shuttle service by car or boat allows you to reach them.

The underwater relief is the counterpart of Marettimo's topography, with magnificent drop-offs and caves dug into the cliffs, also accessible by boat. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, you will have the opportunity to discover about twenty diving sites, protected by the largest marine park in Europe, Aera Marina Protetta Delle Isole Egadi. You may also have the privilege of crossing the path of one of the monk seals that have settled in the caves protected by the Marettimo marine reserve. Thanks to the trips on board the boats of the Blu Tek Diving center, you can access the secret caves underwater. At Grotta con il Camino, your dive takes place between canyons and caves with a high density of gorgonians, among barracudas, groupers, and Mostella. Anchored in the Cala Sarde bay, you reach the Grotta con le Due Camere, divided into two parts with an air bubble in one of them to breathe. According to the instructions of their guide, the divers even remove their regulators to talk. Between Punta Mugnone and Punta Libeccio, discover millions of tiny shrimp as well as cicadas and moray eels at the bottom of the Grotta Perciata. Expect a fun dive at Grotta del Tuono with its alternating scree, rocky steps, and terraces. Underwater photographers love Cattedrale for its stalactites and stalagmites bathed in crystal clear water and its incredible play of light from the filtering sun. Ideal as a diving destination in the Mediterranean, Marettimo is appreciated for its policy of environmental preservation.

Marine species in the area

Dive sites

Discover during your diving holidays in Italy, the best diving sites on the island of Marettimo. The varied underwater environments, both in terms of landscape, topography, and Mediterranean flora and fauna, will enchant you. Do you like strong emotions? The San Simone I with its canyons and caves between 20 and 42 m, where groupers and forkbeards hide, with walls covered with a beautiful density of gorgonians in places, will not leave you indifferent. A nice surprise also underwater with a wreck dive on the Klizia, located between the town of Marettimo and Punta Bassana, between 20 and 26 m deep. Sunk in the 1960s, this cargo ship has infrastructure partially buried in seagrass and sand. Explore the interior of the Klizia wreck where moray eels and conger eels take refuge. Photographers, there are some great atmospheric shots to be taken around the hull, with pinna nobilis embedded in the substrate. At Parete di Punta Bassana, do a fauna dive with, in the open water, groupers, barracudas, sea breams, and damselfishes, then, in the crevices, hermit crabs, cicadas, and galatheas, in the middle of canyons and caves, between 8 and 40 m. Very nice descent for experienced divers up to 36 meters. In the light of the lamp, the walls of the overhangs, covered with bright orange and yellow sponges, are magnificent. Come out of the cave at a depth of 6 m with the feeling of having experienced strong emotional moments.

From the drop-off at Punta Bassana, find a cave at Scoglio Cavola opening 36 meters deep, carved into a large rock rising from a sandy bottom to 20 meters below the surface. Paddle carefully so as not to lift any suspensions. Snappers outside and lobsters inside the cave. As you leave the cave, keep the red gorgonian-covered drop-off to your right. Depending on the current, walk from one rock to another. Preferably use the dive boat anchored at a specific point in Scoglio di mezzo, it will be less tiring than paddling from the shore! The rock lies on a sandy bottom. The best route to take depends on the tide of the day. Ideally, you should follow the rock out to sea, either exploring the crevices where lobsters and moray eels are found or flying over it for a nice overview, at a depth of between 20 and 40 meters. With snappers and jacks. Covered with gorgonians, the middle rock is also surrounded by different species of sars. Keeping the drop off to one side, go around the rock which looks like an island, down to 38 meters. Then climb slowly to the top, surrounded by Mediterranean fauna.

Walk to the Arco, from 8 to 20 m, between drop-offs and huge rocks, to a natural arch covered with madrepores, located near the coast. Near the castle, Grotta del tuono faces the aerial grotto of the Thunder, which is large enough to allow medium-sized boats to enter. Slopes of varying steepness and terraces between 10 and 24 meters make the walk fun. Small passages, more or less narrow, enhance the walk. In one of them, there is an air bubble. The exploration of Scoglio del Cammello can be done day or night, between 6 and 18 meters. Along a long and narrow rock with spirographs, false corals, sponges, and sea daisies. A tunnel about 10 meters long allows you to cross the rock from one side to the other in a swirl of light. You go up in a spiral around a pinnacle detached from the main rock. Located opposite the famous Cala Conca, south of Marettimo, Scoglio Spandillo is a shoal surrounded by rocks covered with madrepore and encrusted sponges, surrounded by sand and patches of Posidonia, between 25 and 30 meters. The rock most exposed to the current is entirely covered with red gorgonians. A brown grouper has taken up residence in the area. In the middle of the rock, a small passage with a double entrance allows for a nice play of light. At 27 meters, discover a beautiful anchor on the bottom.

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Blu Tek Diving
Sicily  - Marettimo

Blu Tek Diving is located on the island of Marettimo, near Sicily. Trips take place from 9 am to 5 pm from the village harbour. Embark on the boat El Merendero, a 15m long fishing boat, converted for divers, equipped with kitchen, WC and storage for equipment. The two compressors on board ensure that the equipment is moved as little as possible during your stay. Relax on the comfortable Sundek which you share with non-divers, friends or family. Discover with Blu Tek Diving the most beautiful dive sites of the Marettimo marine reserve. Jump into the water through the side openings of the ship's hull and climb up the two ladders at the stern. After the first dive, head to a sheltered bay for lunch on board the boat, then make the second dive. No stress, only fun, the Blu Tek Diving training centre offers PADI recreational courses including cave diving, which is very suitable here, as well as PADI technical diving courses. The occasional training outings are carried out on board the 7.40m long RIB boat. Offers include airport or harbour transfer, 5 days 10 dives with 5 meals on board, and 7 nights. [+]

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