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Italy Capital : ROME
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Dive trip Europe's largest Marine Park, in Marettimo

Swim, dive, snorkel and dive in Sicily, in Europe's largest Marine Park, in Marettimo

Where to do your best diving in Italy? Most certainly in the Marine Protected Area of the Egadi Islands, or Riserva naturale marina Isole Egadi. Created in 1991, the largest Marine Park in Europe, with a surface area of 53,992 hectares, including 74 km of coastline, stretches along the north-western coast of Sicily. The archipelago consists of three main islands, Favignana, Marettimo, and Levanzo, and the islets Formica and Maraone. This reserve protects the marine environment in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Sicily in a sustainable way. Scientific research is carried out here; tourists and locals alike are educated in environmental conservation during their diving holiday in Marettimo; fishermen are educated in sustainable development with a more responsible and controlled fishing economy. The dream of most holidaymakers is to be found in the Egadi archipelago, facing the sparkling sea, amidst dreamy coves and beaches, places of peace and serenity. So, before going on holiday to Marettimo, in the Egadi Islands, get to know the rules of the Egadi Islands Marine Protected Area for the preservation of the Mediterranean Sea, in Sicily. This marine reserve is subdivided into four levels of protection, with appropriate regulations limiting the exploitation and use of these marine areas.

During your diving holiday in Marèttimo, you should know that the A zone of integral protection covers the part of the sea situated to the west of the island, from Punta Mugnone to Punta Libeccio. However, swimming and boat trips from diving centres such as Blu Tek Diving, residents on the island, are permitted. The general protection zone B covers the two sea areas between Punta Basano and Punta Libeccio and between Punta Mugnone and Punta Troia. Swimming, sailing, canoeing, pedal boating and guided underwater tours by local diving centers - with a permit - are allowed. Recreational fishing is practiced and the boats of Marèttimo's resident yachtsmen can anchor within 500m of the coast with prior authorization. Non-resident boaters of Marèttimo are allowed to anchor beyond 500 m from the coast. On the eastern side of Marèttimo, from Punta Basano to Punta Troia, area C is declared partially protected.

Also, outside the areas of environmental interest in Zone C, swimming, sailing and boat anchoring are allowed, as well as underwater exploration, recreational fishing, and small-scale professional fishing. Swim, dive, snorkel, and snorkel in Sicily, in the beautiful marine park of the Egadi Islands, in Marettimo, because, thanks to the protection of the natural habitat of the Mediterranean fauna, and thanks to the control of fishing, the marine resources and biodiversity are preserved. Also, dentex, groupers, amberjacks but also lobsters, cicadas, and galatheas can be found in many dives. You can also find one of the most beautiful dives in Italy at Marettimo with the diving center Blu tek on the Cattedrale spot for its stalactites and stalagmites and its sun rays playing in the crevices of the cave for magical atmospheres such as underwater photographers love them! And beautiful encounters with monk seals, at Marettimo, are possible because they have returned to colonize the caves of the marine park. For a week's stay at Marettimo at a very reasonable price, choose Blu Tek Diving's diving package including overnight stays, dives, lunches, and transfers.

Marine species in the area

Dive sites

Scoglio Esterno, 200 metres from the coast, is an enchanting area with a depth of 28 to 45 metres. The descent and ascent of the divers is facilitated by the presence of the mooring of the diving boat because of the presence of current conditions during the trip. Your itinerary differs according to your level. Follow the magnificent drop-offs covered in white and yellow gorgonians and yellow sponges, Axinella, and dotted with spirographs. Their steep slopes tumble down into incredibly crystal clear water. A multitude of red Anthia's frolic near the drop-offs.  The boat is anchored on a plateau of Posidonia and rocks at Cala Martina I at a depth of 15 metres. The gorgonian-covered drop-off has crevices where crustaceans hide up to 30 metres or even 41 metres, depending on your level. On the sand, slalom between small boulders covered with orange sponges in the shape of a candelabra, the Axinelle. The walk to Grotta con il Camino, between 16 and 24 m, takes place between canyons and caves dotted with dense yellow, red and orange gorgonians, where groupers and forkbeards hide. Schools of marauding barracudas. The second dive of the day, Grotta con le due camere, appeals to those who enjoy cave diving. The boat is anchored at Cala Sarde. This medium-sized cave is divided into two interior sections. At the signal of your guide, remove your regulator to breathe in a bubble of air trapped in the ceiling. Shrimps flap their antennae in the bottom of the holes. A passage hidden between huge rocks covered with Posidonia allows you to take a real tunnel with a sandy bottom about ten meters long. Then you come out onto a plateau with no current. The boat is anchored at a depth of 30 metres, at Cretazzo esterno. Descend to 45 m in the middle of large rocks, covered with gorgonians, and Axinella. Large groupers hide in the crevices. In September, when the water is warm, torpedo rays can be seen here, lurking on the sand. Between Punta Mugnone and Punta Libeccio, Grotta Perciata is located in zone A, which means that boats are not allowed to anchor. The boat, therefore, approaches the cliff overlooking the sea just for the divers to jump into the water. Then descend along the drop-off that extends underwater to find the opening of a cave, between 18 and 22m. Go deep enough inside with your guide, even at a distance from the light of the entrance, to avoid losing your sense of direction. The bottom of the cave is cracked, with cicadas and moray eels lurking inside. The ceiling of the cave is full of colour and is populated by millions of tiny shrimps. Underwater photographers will appreciate the beautiful play of light. Experienced divers spend 40 minutes at Cala Bianca between 20 and 42 m without getting bored, because of the abundance of fish and the scenery. Interesting rocks for careful photographers. Halfway down the drop-off changes its appearance and you can see large branches of Gerardia Savaglia. On the way up to the wide plateau you come across a school of barracuda. At the Barracuda Point spot, the boat is anchored between 7 and 12 meters, in the middle of parrot fish. Descend to 27 metres to find a large rift where forkbeards are nesting. Wander around large rocks between 15 and 27 metres, ideal for divers of all levels. Large groupers can be found between 9 and 30 metres. From the start of the dive, large schools of barracudas accompany you throughout the dive.

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Europe's largest Marine Park, in Marettimo : Dive shops


Blu Tek Diving
Sicily  - Marettimo

Blu Tek Diving is located on the island of Marettimo, near Sicily. Trips take place from 9 am to 5 pm from the village harbour. Embark on the boat El Merendero, a 15m long fishing boat, converted for divers, equipped with kitchen, WC and storage for equipment. The two compressors on board ensure that the equipment is moved as little as possible during your stay. Relax on the comfortable Sundek which you share with non-divers, friends or family. Discover with Blu Tek Diving the most beautiful dive sites of the Marettimo marine reserve. Jump into the water through the side openings of the ship's hull and climb up the two ladders at the stern. After the first dive, head to a sheltered bay for lunch on board the boat, then make the second dive. No stress, only fun, the Blu Tek Diving training centre offers PADI recreational courses including cave diving, which is very suitable here, as well as PADI technical diving courses. The occasional training outings are carried out on board the 7.40m long RIB boat. Offers include airport or harbour transfer, 5 days 10 dives with 5 meals on board, and 7 nights. [+]

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