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Italy Capital : ROME
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Dive trip the Marine Park of Naples, Baia Archaeological Complex

Swim, dive, snorkel and dive in Italy, in the Marine Park of Naples, Baia Archaeological Complex

Diving into Italy, in the Campania region, may be an opportunity for you to take an exciting trip back to ancient Roman times. In the province of Naples, Baia became a prosperous holiday resort, close to the important commercial port of Portus Julius and the military fleet base at Capo Miseno. The area has always been subject to bradyseism, a slow rising and falling of the ground level, of volcanic origin. This lowering of the ground below sea level would have taken place in two phases, in the 3rd or 4th century and towards the end of the Roman Empire. The sea, therefore, invaded the site of the ancient city of Baia around the 7th or 8th century. In the 21st century, only the upper part of Baïes remains. What are the most beautiful ancient remains to discover during your diving holiday in Italy? The superstructures and domes of the great Temple of Diana, the Temple of Mercury, and the Temple of Venus; the famous Ninfeum of Emperor Claudio, with faithful copies of the original statues; the marvelous mosaics of Villa A Protiro or Villa di Pisoni.

Your holiday in Naples will allow you to discover a sunken city with imperial baths, precious mosaics, statues, and marble floors. Wrongly called places of worship, they are in fact... thermal baths! The Italian archaeologist Amedeo Maiuri carried out archaeological excavations here in 1941. He uncovered layers of buildings, villas, and baths, which have been superimposed over the centuries, dating from the reigns of Augustus, Hadrian, and the Severans. Created in 2002, the Archaeological Park of Baia, Complesso archeologico di Baia, is an archaeological area located near Bacoli, in the Phlegrean Fields, encompassing part of the ancient Roman city of Baia. Protecting these historically and culturally valuable seabeds, the boundaries of the park pass just outside the port of Baia, where you board the boats of diving centers such as Subaia Diving Center.

During your diving holiday in Naples, you can explore 8 of the most breathtaking underwater sites in Italy, at depths of between 5 and 13 meters. Swim, dive, snorkel, and snorkel in the archaeological marine park of Baia. Learn to scuba dive in the Bay of Naples. Experience the ruins of the Roman city of Baia from the surface. A licensed dive guide is on board the ships and often a scuba diver is on the bottom showing the snorkelers the outline of the ruins. Certified divers conduct guided dives at these best diving spots in Italy. Only one site is explored at a time during the dive. Book a single dive or two consecutive dives on the same trip.

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Near the Epitaffio point, you will discover Claudio's nymphaeum, or the nymphaeum of the emperor Claudio, at a depth of 5 m. This basin, which originally held a sacred spring, became a public fountain over the centuries. It was the object of a monument in ancient Rome. The basin here has a rectangular shape. At the back, an apse stands out in a semi-circular shape and you will find four niches on the longest sides. Faithfully reproduced statues have been placed here to better represent the majesty of the pools. After visiting the Ninfeum, continue your underwater walk along the Herculanea road leading to Portus Julius. Admire the floors of the ancient Roman baths. On the spot Villa with protyrum entrance, you should imagine the ancient port of the city of Baia as being at the bottom of a lagoon (Lacus Baianus) bounded by an entrance channel.

The ruins of the port, the shops, and the baths are visible today. The ruins of an ancient and certainly important villa are recognizable with its prothyrum entrance, delimited by two marble seats. The thermal baths of Lacus were a private residence and a thermal complex, opening on the ancient port of Baia, Lacus Baianus. Recently discovered, restored, and opened to the public in 2020, the site displays remains of polychrome mosaics, and marble floors with some mosaics overlapping in places. Paddle between 4 and 5 m deep, in the middle of rooms, and baths, and stop in front of three walls with apses, which would have supported large windows opening onto the Lacus Baianus. At Pisoni's Villa, you explore the ruins of an imposing Roman patrician villa originally belonging to the Pisoni family. Emperor Nero confiscated the villa from them after the Pisoni family conspired against him.

See the remains of the garden columns, the remains of the corridors surrounding the garden (vidarium), the ruins of a building, and the thermal pool. Portus Julius was an important commercial port. R. Bucher, a pilot, and the diver have taken aerial photos showing the topography of the port, which covers an area of about ten hectares. Palm down the marble floors and circle the columns at a depth of 3 m. The highlight here is the magnificent mosaics. Don't miss the diving at Pisoni's Villa Pila! Imagine yourself swimming 10m underwater around 25 ancient Roman pillars (pila), large parallelepipeds 5m high, placed there by the architect Vitruvius and dating from the 1st century B.C. Made from pozzolan stone, these pillars were part of the Villa Pisoni to support a quay and also served to protect it from the sea. A rich marine flora has established itself here! Smoky Reef is also a dive site, conducted at a depth of 13 m, along twelve pillars that were to support the outer pier of Portus Julius. A lot of marine aquatic life thrives here.

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Subaia Campania divers
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The Subaia Campania divers diving centre is located in Baia, to the west of the Gulf of Naples, in the area known as the "Phlegrean Fields", once a holiday resort and a centre of economic and military interest in ancient Rome, and now a popular area for water sports tourism! Open from April to November, the centre is located behind the port of Baia, where the boats are moored, close to a large pay car park. The facilities include a customer reception area, a maintenance and equipment storage area, changing rooms and showers with hot water. On-site, you can refill Nitrox and Trimix cylinders, store your own diving equipment, book accommodation and access WiFi! On request, Subaia Campania divers can organise transfers to and from hotels in the "Phlegrean Fields" area, babysitting for couples wishing to dive together, and dives with a private guide. After loading the legendary Piaggio Ape with equipment to cover the 100 metres between the centre and the two semi-rigid boats, you'll meet your buddy on board, made up of a maximum of 5 divers per guide, grouped by level of experience, certification and interests. With Subaia Campania divers, you'll dive mainly in the Baia Archaeological Marine Park and in the "Regno di Nettuno" marine park, on the islands of Ischia and Procida, and on the island of Nisida. From time to time, the boat goes as far as the Punta Campanella Marine Park. [+]

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