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South Africa Capital : PRETORIA
Language : English

Currency : Rand
Time zone UTC : +2


Amoray Diving

From 22,54 €
South Africa, Sodwana Bay
Sodwana Bay, 000, Mbazwana

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Amoray Diving is located in Sodwana Bay, South Africa and offers both training and year round diving exploration on the beautiful Sodwana Reefs. Departure from Sodwana Bay, one of the best dive sites in the world. The reef has an incredibly dense coral covering and a great diversity of fish and crustaceans. There are more than 1,200 listed animal species. Diving conditions vary from easy to difficult depends on the wind and the current. The depth of the sites ranges from 10 m to 30 m for recreational diving. Ideal for deep technical divers. Meeting with a Coelacanth in Sodwana, more than 100 m deep. Amoray Dive boats leave every morning for the reefs of Sodwana Bay, named according to their distance up to Jesser Point. Each of these reefs is a dive site with sometimes isolated reefs like Stringer and Bikini. Opportunity to get to 7 Mile reef, to browse around its north wall, with beautiful overhangs. To the south, mushroom-shaped rocks. The Amoray Diving guides take you to 8-Mile reef, 13 km away, with its incredible pinnacles, caves and cornices. Large Turtles, Sharks, Shrimps, Spider Crabs. Stunning colored corals. And Dolphins along the way. The must is to go to 9 Mile reef with a 25 minutes’ ride and see the 2 m high green coral tree with fish all around. Frogfish. Reef Sharks. Sometimes Great White Sharks. Possibility of accommodation at the Mseni Beach Lodge, in the iSimangaliso Park, in a lush forest with dunes overlooking the ocean, with morning and evening transfers to and from the dive Center.


From 07 October At 31 December

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