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Italy Capital : ROME
Language : Italian

Currency : Euro
Time zone UTC : +2


Scuba diving Italy

Diving holidays and stays in Italy

Enjoy an unforgettable diving holiday in Italy, known for some of the best diving spots in Europe, scattered throughout this charming country. Organizing a diving holiday in Italy also means enjoying the dolce vita, a true art of living; the opportunity to eat pizza in a trattoria with a family atmosphere; to have an aperitif with friends for the day over a glass of Prosecco; to admire architectural remains. It's also about discovering the charm of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. Opt for a holiday in Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its history and gastronomy. Famous for its drop-offs, caves, and crystal clear water, you can't find a more beautiful destination than Sicily for your diving holidays in the Mediterranean. Scuba diving is a popular activity here, so it's easy to organize your diving holiday in Sicily, with accommodation at all prices and a wide range of activities on offer.

A diving holiday in Ustica will also delight you as this authentic island is surrounded by a marine reserve protecting its coastline. Thanks to this reserve effect, you will discover incredible underwater biodiversity. In a single dive, you will encounter large groupers weighing up to 40 kilos, amberjacks, dentex, and large sars. One of Ustica's most beautiful dives, Secca della Colombara, is known for its large school of barracuda, not far from the wreck of Ustica, a commercial ship that ran aground here, now colonized by lobsters. You can also explore the Falconara cave by night. Its walls are covered with yellow encrusting anemones and orange sponges, to great effect.

Visit Europe's largest marine reserve, Aera Marina Protetta Delle Isole Egadi, during your diving holiday in Marettimo. Green and mountainous, Marettimo has huge limestone cliffs with caves, tumbling down into the translucent water. Popular with hikers, Marettimo is also popular with snorkelers and freedivers for its authenticity. During your holiday in Marettimo, you may be lucky enough to spot monk seals that have taken refuge in the caves. Some of the best diving sites in Italy are found here. For example, the wreck of a large cargo ship sunk around 1960, at 20 meters, colonized by moray eels and conger eels, making the Relitto Klizia dive site famous. Underwater photographers will appreciate the atmosphere created by the pearls embedded in the substrate around the hull. At Cattedrale, you can also discover the magnificent play of light in a cave 90 meters long and 8 meters wide.

Have you also thought about planning your diving holiday in Sardinia? Between the north of Sardinia and the south of Corsica, take a particular interest in the Maddalena Archipelago and the Lavezzi reserve. Located in the Bouches de Bonifacio and Lavezzi, you will happily venture into some of the 40 protected dive sites listed here. You are in the heart of the best diving in the Mediterranean. Granitic shoals, caves, overhangs, and drop-offs dotted with sponges, anemones, and spirographs are accessible to all levels of divers. At Secca del Papa, go up a pinnacle from a depth of 33m where the vertical walls are covered with red and yellow gorgonians. In summer, hundreds of amberjack, skipjack, bream, and sea bream swirl around you. Italy still has many surprises in store for you... Enjoy your holiday in Italy!
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Best dive season

The Mediterranean climate in the south of Italy has a fairly mild winter and a very hot summer. The best time to dive in Italy is in spring or autumn, outside of the periods of high tourist numbers at dive sites.

Other activities

In Sardinia, enjoy the Cala Mariolu, one of the most beautiful beaches of the Ogliastra that can be reached by boat. Go to the Parco Nazionale dell'Arcipelago di La Maddalena in the northeast, with superb beaches and turquoise waters. On the island of Elba, relax on the most beautiful pebble beach at the foot of a cliff with clear water in Spiaggia di Sansone.

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Italy : Dive centers


Mister Jump
Italy  - Ustica

The Mister Jump diving center is located between the port and the main street of the village of Ustica, 1 hour by ferry from Palermo, Italy. Ask for assistance from the Mister Jump club at the port of Palermo or Naples to obtain tickets for the ferry. The room has been dug out of the volcanic rock and includes a shower with a toilet, a friendly area to sign logbooks and watch videos or photos taken during the dives. The air and nitrox filling station is close to the embarkation port. Forty complete sets of equipment and cameras are available for hire. This training center offers PADI and ISDA courses from the age of 10. Meet in the morning at the harbor jetty to board 2 x 7m20 zodiacs which will take you quickly to the dive sites. The divers are distributed on the zodiacs according to their respective levels and the diving tanks are already installed onboard. We go out to sea every day, depending on the weather and the season. At the end of the day, you store your equipment on the premises. Night diving can be arranged on request. The island of Ustica is of volcanic origin and has become a protected marine reserve. Explore the Colombara drop-off, a breathtaking vertical wall of basalt, starting at 3 meters and going down to 30 meters with breams, dentex, and brown groupers. Fly over the wreck of a merchant ship that sank in 2005 and see a huge school of barracuda and amberjacks. [+]

  • Friendly atmosphere
  • fast boat
  • Protected Marine Park
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