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Azores Capital : île Sao Miguel
Language : Portuguese

Currency : Euro
Time zone UTC : -1



Diver Norberto

From 40,00 €
Azores, Ile Faial
Marina da Horta, 9900-018, Horta

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Diver Norberto is located in Horta, on the island of Faial, Azores. Diver Norberto is open all year round. Each of Diver Norberto's boats is dedicated to a specific activity. Embark daily for trips along the coastline at 3 am, 8.30 am, and 2.30 pm in zodiacs to the 20 dive spots on Faial and Pico. The protected marine reserve of Monte da Guia is located 10 minutes from the center. Take advantage of your diving holiday in the Azores to do some snorkeling or a first dive as the trips are open to all. Take the opportunity to observe the fauna of the Azores with triggerfish, large brown groupers, parrotfish, octopus, moray eels, and nudibranchs.

Zodiacs are also used for diving at Princess Alice (cheaper but... less comfortable!). Diving holidays in the Azores are also dedicated to whale watching. You can also go on a day trip aboard the 12-meter catamaran from 9 am to 4 pm, for beautiful encounters with sperm whales and dolphins, which are present all year round. From July to September, go and observe blue whales and fin whales during their migrations. A great day out starts at 7.30 am and lasts until 7 pm, when you head to the Princess Alice Bank from July to September.

Jump into the water for spectacular dives with blue sharks (Prionace glauca). Instructors and divers stay drifting at a depth of 10 meters, where the chum's fumes diffuse out of the box near the boat. A lifeline is attached to the boat if the current is strong, to assist less experienced divers. You must be a certified diver with a minimum of 30 dives, have an established medical, a pre-dive check and sign a risk acceptance document. Snorkeling is possible.


From 01 March At 30 October

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