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Océano Mare Diving Center

From 30,00 €
Italy, Italie
ia Provinciale, 1 c/o Marina Palace Hotel , 000, Acitrezza

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The Océano Mare Diving Center is located in Aci Trezza, a delightful little seaside resort on the Ionian coast of Sicily, 10 km from Catania. Here, fishing is carried out using traditional methods. As a result, the seabed is rich in flora and fauna, especially with the reserve effect of the Area Marina Protetta Isole Ciclopi, the protected marine area. Come aboard the Océano Mare Diving Center boats to explore the surrounding seabed. The farraglioni, or Cyclops Rocks, are the main attraction of Aci Trezza. These are eight picturesque basalt pinnacles which, according to legend, were thrown by the giant Polyphemus at Ulysses, who had just blinded him.

Just 400 m from the coast is the island of Lachea, home to the University of Catania's biology research station. This is where organic diving takes pride of place. The instructors at Océano Mare Diving Center will take you on board a sailing boat for snorkeling, a first dive, or one or two exploration dives. Don't miss the sunset sailing trips... If possible, come and dive at Océano Mare Diving Center during the traditional festival on 24 June, the feast day of Aci Trezza's patron saint, St John the Baptist. This event dates back to 1750 and takes place every year. The fishermen simulate... a swordfishing scene!

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