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Italy Capital : ROME
Language : Italian

Currency : Euro
Time zone UTC : +2


Anemone Diving Center

From 35,00 €
Italy, Italie
Viale Santa Panagia, 81/A, 96100 , Siracusa

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The Anemone Diving Center is located in Syracuse, Sicily. Open from April to October, take advantage of Anemone Diving Center's facilities, with changing rooms, showers, reception, and classroom. Board the semi-rigid boats to explore caves and discover the Plemmirio Marine Park. Explore the Grotte del Formaggio, Grotta del Capo, Secca del Capo, the Three Anchors, and the Giant's Tongue. Here you'll find Mediterranean fauna such as barracudas, sea breams, amberjacks, and groupers. Lovers of organic diving will appreciate the presence of nudibranchs.

Photographers will find a special atmosphere here, with some great shots to be taken of the bronze mermaid erected in memory of Rossana Maiorca. For non-divers, this corner of Sicily is rich in history and culture thanks to the local archaeological sites, which include the Greek theatre of Syracuse, the Ear of Dionysius, the Latomie, the tomb of Archimedes, and the Papyrus Museum. Don't forget to go snorkeling around a small island, Ortigia, where you can enjoy some magnificent sunsets. A visit to the Plemmirio Marine Park will appeal to all those who love the sea and its secluded, little-frequented coves, bays, and small beaches. The Anemone Diving Centre offers courses from beginner to more advanced levels.


From 01 April At 31 December

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Excursion around the island of Ortigia and exploration of the sea caves, Excursion to Syracuse, Notigia and Noto, Visit to the ancient market of Ortigia, Visit to the archaeological site of Neapolis, Sunset by boat , A walk in Taormina, Cookery lessons, Puppet show, Farniente on the beaches of Eloro and Aranella