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I don't know where to dive, how to choose?
DivingAway offers several ways to search for your next diving destination: by country and areas, by marine species, or by wrecks. Also, use our guide on the home page to find the best destination according to the month and the sea creature you are looking for. Promotions can also help you in your quest ! 

How to find the ideal dive center?
Whether you want to book a scuba training, freediving, tech diving, snorkeling excursion or a diving vacation with accommodation, the reservation page allows you to select all your criteria (language, price, destination, type...) and even to geolocalize yourself to find the nearest dive shop!  

I have never scuba dived before, what should I choose?
If you have never scuba-dived before, we recommend you to discover this activity by doing a first dive, also called Discover Scuba Diving. You will find this service in the "training" section of the dive centers. You will then be able to continue your training by choosing a level 1, also called PADI Open Water Diver. Consult our page dedicated to scuba training courses.

How are the dive centers selected?
The dive shops are chosen according to 5 criteria: safety, professionalism, equipment & infrastructures, friendliness & welcome, environmental protection. Following this audit, each dive center signs a contract and accepts the General Conditions of Use, then provides us with administrative documents (working license, insurance certificate, ID of the manager).

How do I book my dives on DivingAway?
There are two ways: you book by indicating your arrival and departure dates, or you select an activity session from the dive center's schedule. In both cases, the dive center has 48 hours to validate or refuse your reservation according to availability. 

Before validating your booking, fill in all the information (level, organization, last dive...) for each diver, and assign each product to each of them. When you validate your reservation, all the information is sent to the dive center by email. You will receive an email confirming or canceling your booking. Confirmed bookings put you directly in contact with the center with which you will pay directly, on-site or in advance, according to the terms and conditions of your reservation. Consult our page dedicated to cancellation policies.

How to book for a group of more than 5 people?
The booking principle is identical; however, to facilitate the data entry for each diver, you can download the excel file, fill in the information, and then upload it on the first page of the shopping cart. The information will then be pre-filled. 

How to use the dive center schedule?
At the bottom of the pages of each dive center is their schedule. Indicate the date and the activity you wish to do and then book your dives, your freediving session, or your snorkeling trip in the time slot of your choice. Then validate your reservation and wait for the answer from your dive center!

Can I cancel or modify a reservation?
You can modify or cancel a booking by contacting the dive center or cancel it in your account, in the "booking history" tab. Please check the cancellation condition of your booking before canceling as the service may not be refundable. 

Does the price include equipment rental?
Each product pop-up indicates what is included and what is not included. To find out if the equipment is included, click on the product name or on the price. The product pop-up appears with all the information provided by the dive center. If the equipment is not included, you can add it during your booking. You can also add the products that the dive shop offers, such as the sale of insurance, additional activities, and transfers.

How are chosen the hotels offered by the dive centers?  
Each dive center can present one or more accommodations to which it sends its divers. On the center's page, consult the " Hotels " tab to get the contact details of these accommodations. The " Packages " tab appears if the center offers packages, including dives with accommodation. 

How to receive the newsletter?
To be informed of DivingAway promotions and news, accept to receive the newsletter in the Profile section of your personal space. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.  

Can we book if we are under 18 years old?
It is not possible to book on DivingAway if you are under 18. However, your parents or legal guardians can book on your behalf. You will then be asked for parental consent, the D-Day.  

What do I need to bring on D-Day?
Check and download our checklist of scuba diving equipment.
Except for a first dive or an initiation, don't forget to bring with you your medical certificate less than 6 months old, your logbook, your certification card/justification, and your diving insurance. These documents should be presented at your dive center upon arrival. The diving centers are entitled to refuse you the diving activity in case of non-presentation of these documents.