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ALISANOCE is a simplified joint-stock company, with a share capital of 6,000 euros, whose registered office is located at 176, route de la Peyrière, 06250 Mougins, registered with the Cannes Trade and Companies Registry (France) under Siret number 827933706.
It has developed an intermediation platform Divingaway.com, the "Platform", specializing in putting "User" customers in contact with "Provider" diving service providers for online reservations via the www.divingaway.com website, the "Site".
The User has access to his customer "Profile" after authentication by his login and password on the address: www.divingaway.com for the entry, description, verification, modification, correction of information inherent to his Profile.
The Service Provider has access to an online system, the "Pro Area", after authentication by its user name and password at the following address: www.divingaway.com:82 for the entry, description, verification, modification, correction of information inherent to its operation and its services and including rates, availability and reservations as well as photos.
General conditions of use of the Platform for Divingaway.com Users
Article 1 - Scope of the GTCU
1-1-1 These general terms and conditions of use (GTCU) apply to all the Platform's services and are subject to change from time to time. They define the conditions of access to and use of the Site and the Platform with unreserved acceptance of this GTCU.
1-1-2 They are valid directly or indirectly, on online services, by email, by telephone, by canvassing with Users.
1-1-3 Users declare that they have read, understood, and accepted these "Terms and Conditions of Use" each time they access the online system, the "Platform" and their "Profile", when making a reservation. The User expressly accepts the GCU by selecting a checkbox with the dedicated sentence attached :
"By ticking this box, I expressly acknowledge that I have read and accepted without reservation the Terms and Conditions of Use of Divingaway.com".
1-1-4 The applicable Terms and Conditions of Use are those that are in force at the French day and time of browsing on the Site as well as at the French day and time of the reservation and/or use of the services presented on the Site.
1-1-5 The GCU may be modified at any time by Divingaway.com, provided that as soon as they come into force, Users are informed by the publication of the updated GTCU on the Site, with the French date and time of the last update.
1-1-6 Users who do not refuse the modifications to the GTCU when they have been published on the Site implicitly confirm that they agree with the new GTCU and accept them without reservation.
1-1-7 The User who does not agree with the current GTCU, does not use the Site and must not submit information or use the services offered on the Site.
Article 2 - Selection of Diving Centres
2-1-1 The Divingaway.com team, composed of professionals and experienced divers, selects dive centers to be listed on the Platform according to a list of basic quality criteria.
2-1-2 These selection criteria include Safety, Professionalism, Good condition of equipment and infrastructure, Friendly and welcoming, protection of the environment.
2-1-3 Obviously, when a center is not listed on the Platform, this does not mean that it does not meet these quality criteria.
2-1-4 The visit of a Divingaway professional/practitioner of good level in these diving centers takes place at a given moment and involves, as in any human choice, the intervention of subjective criteria.
Divingaway.com cannot be held responsible for the decrease in quality coming from certain dive centers and occurring between a visit by the Divingaway.com team and the reservation of a User by the Platform.
Article 3 - Information presented on Divingaway.com
3-1-1 Divingaway.com presents to the User the information content of the Service Provider relating to its structure, its team, its services as well as its rates. This information is regularly entered, validated, and updated directly by the Service Provider, who is referenced on the Platform.
3-1-2 The Service Provider has access to a Professional Area allowing it to enter and update this information and its availability itself.
3-1-3 At all times, the Service Provider remains responsible for the accuracy, completeness, and correctness of its descriptive information, photos, availability, and prices displayed on the Platform.
3-1-4 Contractually, the Service Provider must remove from Divingaway.com any information and/or rates that are no longer current.
3-1-5 Divingaway.com also offers informative content on countries, diving areas, dive site maps, fauna, and wrecks that are not modified, except in case of punctual updates.
These contents have been elaborated with great care and attention to detail. Nevertheless, they may be incomplete or outdated due to circumstances occurring after the time they were written and put online.
This information content of Divingaway.com cannot replace the advice of diving, freediving and snorkeling professionals, nor the indications given by training organizations, nor the recommendations communicated by the respective governments of each and concerning the risks related to geopolitics, terrorist risks, seismic risks, climatic risks, biological risks as well as all the risks inherent to a country to which the User wishes to travel.
We also invite Users to inform themselves and to consult the websites of airline companies for information to travelers as well as to find out from insurance companies about the various coverages they can benefit from when organizing their trip.
3-1-6 The Site may contain links to internet sources or other websites. Divingaway.com does not manage these sites and cannot be held responsible for their content, advertising, products, or services. Divingaway.com cannot, therefore, be held responsible for any damage or loss, consecutive or related to the use of these sites.
3-1-7 Divingaway.com offers an intermediation service with high-quality standards. Nevertheless, the Platform can neither verify nor guarantee the accuracy of all information from each Service Provider.
Divingaway.com cannot, therefore, be held responsible by the User for any error or missing information that is inaccurate, misleading, or erroneous regarding a Service Provider, its products, prices, and availability.
Article 4 - Obligations of the User
4-1 - Information communicated to the Platform
4-1-1 In his Profile and during his reservation on Divingaway.com, the User guarantees that the information entered is accurate.
The User provides information about himself/herself to make a precise reservation with a service provider.
4-1-2 The User is solely responsible for any information that appears to be incomplete, erroneous and/or out of date.
The User certifies that the information he or she provides is accurate, truthful, not confusing, and not subject to misinterpretation.
4-1-3 The User undertakes to proceed immediately to modify the information entered in his Profile and during his reservations in the event of a change of situation, a change in his diving level and therefore in his certification, the number of dives he has made and the date of his last dive, the validity of his email address.
4-1-4 The Platform reserves the right to delete any information of which it becomes aware and which is incorrect, incomplete or in violation of the terms of the present GCU.
4-2 - Information communicated to the Service Provider
4-2-1 The User undertakes to present himself/herself at the dive centre with which he/she has made a reservation on the date and at the time scheduled, which will have been previously communicated to him/her and confirmed by the Provider.
4-2-2 The User undertakes to bring all the documents mentioned by the Provider and the Platform in the general conditions of use, namely the medical certificate of no contraindication to diving, the logbook with the number and date of the last dive, the certification card of the last level of diving completed, proof of insurance.
4-2-3 Divingaway.com cannot be held responsible for the User forgetting to provide the Service Provider with the documents required and for any incident that prevents the Service Provider from providing the diving services reserved.
Article 5 - The operation of Divingaway.com
5-1-1 Divingaway.com offers a reservation service by internet every day of the week 24 hours a day.
5-1-2 Divingaway.com and the Providers provide an online portal through which these so-called diving providers can offer all their services inherent to diving, snorkeling and freediving, such as exploration, training, equipment rental, transfers, supervision of activities at sea, insurance covering these activities as well as packages composed by the Provider including accommodation and diving according to the legislation of its country of establishment.
Additional activities may be presented on the Platform by the Provider if it has the legal authorization in its country to offer said activities. Nevertheless, it is the User's responsibility to check the existence and validity dates of these legal authorizations on Site at the Provider's premises.
5-1-3 Divingaway.com presents the display validated by the Provider of its products, prices, schedule, promotional offers and availability in order to respond to the User's searches on the Platform.
5-1-4 The User selects the desired products, chooses the date on which he/she wishes to perform these services, fills in information fields, some of which are mandatory to fill in so that the booking request reaches the Provider online in an exhaustive manner.
5-1-5 The User makes a reservation through the Site and thus establishes a direct and contractual relationship with the Service Provider concerned by his reservation and which implies his liability.
5-1-6 The User must accept the Platform's General Terms and Conditions of Use (GCU) when creating their Profile and making a reservation.
5-1-7 Once the Provider has accepted the reservation, the User pays the product directly to the Provider, according to the cancellation conditions chosen by the Provider for each of its products.
5-1-8 During the booking process, a Profile (User account) is created on Divingaway.com containing the User's personal information necessary to book the service.
5-1-9 Divingaway.com acts exclusively as an intermediary between the User and the Provider.
5-1-10 Divingaway.com transmits the details of the User's reservation to the Provider.
5-1-11 Divingaway.com will send the User a confirmation or cancellation email for and on behalf of the Provider whether the Provider has accepted or refused the reservation.
5-1-12 From the date of the reservation request made by the User, the dive product is optional for 48 hours pending validation by the Provider.
5-1-13 During the duration and until the expiry of this option, the User receives an email of confirmation or cancellation of the option by the Provider via the Platform according to the availability of places.
5-1-14 If there is no response within 48 hours, the User will be informed by email and may consider the option canceled. He can then make a new reservation on the Site.
5-1-15 To take flights and/or book accommodation, Divingaway.com strongly advises the User to wait for the response from the dive provider.
5-1-16 Additional information is exchanged directly between the Provider and the User via the messaging system made available to them in the Pro Area and the Profile, respectively.
5-1-17 The products/services displayed on the Site are correlated to a price list given by the Provider.
5-1-18 Divingaway.com acts exclusively as an intermediary between the User and the Provider.
Article 6 - Payment and cancellation conditions
6-1-1 The Service Provider selects for each of its products presented on the Site Divingaway.com the terms of payment and therefore, cancellation they wish to see applied. The User is therefore aware of the cancellation conditions that apply to these same products before and during his reservation.
Divingaway.com is neither responsible nor liable for the payment or reimbursement of services reserved by the User on the Platform. The service provider is contractually bound to respect the cancellation policy of the reservation and to follow up on the payments and refunds of said services.
The Service Provider chooses the cancellation condition for each product among these three cancellation policies :
- Flexible policy: Payment on the spot or 3 days before the beginning of the service.
The Service Provider can ask the User to pay for the service on the spot or 3 days before the start of the service to maintain the places.
- Moderate policy: Payment of a deposit after acceptance of the reservation and payment of the balance 1 month before the beginning of the service.
After having accepted the reservation, the Provider asks the User to pay a deposit and the rest of the amount before the beginning of the service to confirm the reservation. After payment of the balance, the service is non-refundable.
- Strict policy: Payment of 100% of the service after acceptance of the reservation.
After having accepted the reservation, the Provider asks the User to pay the totality of the service. After payment, the service is non-changeable, non-refundable.
This cancellation condition is automatically applied by the Platform for promotional products.
By default, if the Service Provider has not seen fit to notify each product of its general terms of payment and cancellation, then those of the Site apply by default according to the class of products offered below.
However, Divingaway.com does not replace the Service Provider when it comes to these terms and conditions of payment and cancellation.
Implicitly, the Service Provider, having full access to its professional area, is responsible for the general terms of payment and cancellation related to its products.
Diving Products Exploration/ training/ snorkeling with accommodation
Moderate condition: Payment of a deposit after acceptance of the reservation, and payment of the balance 1 month before the beginning of the service.
Exploration/ training/ snorkeling (without accommodation)
Flexible condition: Payment on the spot or 3 days before the start of the service.
Good deals and Last Minutes (with or without accommodation)
Strict condition: Payment of 100% of the service after acceptance of the reservation.
6-1-2 Payment and cancellation conditions are also mentioned during the User's booking process, in the booking confirmation email, and in his Profile on the Platform.
6-1-3 The User may, therefore, consult and cancel his reservation by referring to his Profile in order to follow the instructions indicated.
6-1-4 cancellation of the product/service must be made via the Platform on the Site. In the event of a dispute, the User and the Service Provider may refer to it.
6-1-5 In the event of late arrival on the day of the service or arrival postponed until the day after the service has left, the User must inform the Provider directly by message via the Site, in a timely and prompt manner so that the Provider is informed and does not cancel the service or charge for a no-show.
6-1-6 Reservations may be canceled without prior notice if cases of force majeure (earthquakes, tsunami, cyclones, political and military unrest, insurrection, etc.) have occurred between the time of the reservation and the start of the service and/or if the small number of registered participants does not allow the service to be implemented.
6-1-7 The non-arrival of a User at the time of a booked Service on the Platform will result in the total loss of the amount of the service without refund unless a direct agreement between the Provider and the User, without the intervention of Divingaway.com.
6-1-8 It is possible that once on Site, the Provider may be obliged to cancel a service reserved by the User on the Platform due to weather conditions at the time. The Service Provider undertakes to make every effort to postpone the service with the agreement of the User.
6-1-9 The booking of diving services on the Platform, even in connection with occasional promotional offers, is completely free of charge.
6-1-10 The User, when reserving diving products on Divingaway.com, does not pay any taxes, reservation, and intermediation fees. The prices of the products are displayed in the shopping cart, the User's Profile, and the summary emails.
6-1-11 He makes this reservation in full knowledge of the facts, having read the product description, what is included and/or not included, the number of dives, the applicable taxes, supplements and fees, availability, cancellation, and no-show conditions as well as all information, conditions, and restrictions inherent to his reservation.
6-1-12 When the User's reservation contains several products from the same center and each product has different cancellation policies, then the most restrictive cancellation conditions are applied to the entire order. The User is informed of this when reserving his order. To find out more, consult the page dedicated to the cancellation conditions.
Article 7 - Taxes and payment of products
7-1-1 The products/services offered on the Platform are therefore inclusive of tax since the Service Provider is required to pay taxes in its country of activity.
7-1-2 The price indicated to the User on the Platform, therefore, includes VAT, sales taxes, and any other taxes or levies (national, governmental, provincial, regional, federal, municipal, or local), insofar as said taxes and levies can be reasonably calculated in advance.
7-1-3 National park entrance fees and/or certain government environmental and/or service taxes may nevertheless not be included in the proposed product.
Consequently, these taxes are explained in the "included" and "not included" sections of the product as well as in the "Additional Information" of the product so that they can be paid on Site.
7-1-4 The guarantee of the best rate is given by the good deals and last minutes offered on the Platform's home page and on the Provider's presentation page. The Service Provider undertakes to provide its best rate for a given service.
7-1-5 The regular price of a product appears crossed out on the Platform when a promotional price offered by the Provider on a given date with a limited number of seats is substituted for it. The Service Provider undertakes to regularly update the information inherent in the promotional products such as remaining seats and validity dates.
7-1-6 The User is informed of the price of products on the Site in euros and dollars.
7-1-7 The exchange rate between the currency locally used by the Provider and the euro or dollar displayed by the Platform is set by the date of the User's reservation request.
7-1-8 When the Provider offers the User products such as equipment, courses, explorations, transfers, diving holidays including accommodation of any type (apartments, bed and breakfast, hotels, rental of villas, bungalows, huts...), the Provider shall be entitled to charge the User a fee for the use of such products, straw huts...) via the presentation of tariffs on the Platform, the User acknowledges and accepts that the same Service Provider is at all times responsible for the collection, withholding, payment and remittance of the sums and taxes applicable to these services and due to the relevant financial authorities in his country.
7-1-9 Divingaway.com is neither responsible nor liable for the payment, collection, withholding or payment of applicable taxes due on the products and services of the Service Provider and that the Service Provider must pay to the relevant financial authorities.
Article 8 - Services after reservation
8-1-1 The Service Provider contractually empowers the Platform through the Service Provider GCU and the contract signed with Divingaway.com and explicitly authorizes it to make reservations with the Platform User on its behalf. The acceptance or refusal of the reservation is made by the Provider via its Pro Space and without the mediation or interference of Divingaway.com.
8-1-2 After the acceptance of the reservation, the Provider is obliged to process the online reservation in accordance with the information it has filled in its Pro Space and presented on the Site at the time of the reservation.
8-1-3 With the exception of additional products purchased directly by the User at the Service Provider's premises, the Service Provider is not authorized to charge the User any extra costs whatsoever (transaction, administration, payment method) on the amount of the service already booked online on Divingaway.com.
The supplements to be paid for the reserved product are mentioned beforehand on the Platform in the product section "Additional Information" and/or by a tick indicating what is or is not included.
8-1-4 Any complaint or claim related to any product or service offered and reserved on the Platform and any special request made by the User in conjunction with such reservation made on Divingaway.com must be dealt with by the Service Provider concerned, without the mediation or interference of Divingaway.com.
8-1-5 Divingaway.com is not responsible for and disclaims all liability in respect of any such complaint or claim made by a User with respect to the service itself.
8-1-6 When a User makes a valid complaint regarding a tariff, the Platform will promptly notify the Provider of this complaint with the related information.
8-1-7 The Provider shall immediately adjust, if necessary, the fare(s) presented on the Platform so that the lower fare is available for future bookings.
8-1-8 In addition, the Service Provider must immediately adjust the rate of the reservation made by the User concerned and have the User pay the lower price.
8-1-10 The Service Provider undertakes to provide the services booked on the Platform. If the Service Provider is unable to fulfill the obligations that were established at the time of the reservation of the product(s) and for whatever reason, then the Service Provider must make every effort to offer the User, at its own expense, a replacement product/service of equal or higher quality than that which was guaranteed by the User's reservation, at no extra cost and with the maximum amount of service in compensation.
8-1-11 The Service Provider is not authorized to cancel a reservation made on the Platform if it has accepted it beforehand, except in cases of force majeure as previously explained.
8-1-12 The User who has used the service booked on the Platform is asked at the end of his stay by Divingaway.com to give his opinion on certain aspects of the service.
Following the opinions of the Users, an average is calculated by attributing stars to the Service Provider on the Platform.
8-1-13 Divingaway.com does not engage in any discussion, negotiation, or correspondence with the User about the content and/or the consequence of publishing comments about a Provider on social networks and the web in general.
Article 9 - Cancellation of the reservation
9-1-1 In a practical concern, Divingaway.com allows the Provider to select in each of its products, the reservation and cancellation condition that suits him best, among three cancellation conditions explained above. This act fully engages the responsibility of the Service Provider.
9-1-2 Divingaway.com, therefore, advises the User to read carefully the product description and the reservation and cancellation conditions attached by the Provider.
9-1-3 By booking a product from the Provider, the User acknowledges having read and accepted the cancellation and no-show conditions as well as any additional conditions of the Provider mentioned in "Additional Information" and "Included" "Not Included" of the product that may apply to this booking.
9-1-4 The summary of the cancellation conditions of the service is reminded during the booking process and in the booking confirmation email.
9-1-5 The User takes note of the conditions of each offer before making a reservation.
9-1-6 Once the reservation is confirmed, the User is irrevocably bound to Divingaway.com's general terms and conditions of use as well as to the reservation and cancellation conditions of the product chosen by the Provider.
Article 10 - Registration and User Profile
10.1.1 Divingaway.com recommends security measures against the User. His account information must remain confidential. He must not communicate them to anyone.
He must change the password regularly. If he thinks that someone is using his account illegally, he must immediately notify Divingaway.com.
10.1.2 Therefore, Divingaway.com considers the User as the sole responsible for the use, loss and/or misuse of his login ID and password to connect to his Profile on the Site.
10.1.3 The User is also entirely responsible for the personal data he has entered in his Profile on the Site.
10.1.4 Any access, use of services, and transmission of data made from a User account will be deemed to have been made by the User himself/herself.
10.1.5 Divingaway.com may request the User to change the means of identification, login and password if the security of the Site appears to be in danger or has been violated or due to unauthorized use of the User's means of identification.
10.1.6 The User may at any time modify his means of identification, by going to the Site in his account and changing his parameters in the "MY PROFILE" section.
10.1.7 Divingaway.com may deny a User access to the Platform, temporarily or permanently, in the event that the User provides information that is misleading, incomplete, false, outdated, inaccurate, or of a nature to mislead.
Article 11 Protection of the User's personal data
11-1-1 Divingaway.com undertakes to implement the appropriate technical means with the implementation of measures to ensure to the maximum of its power, the security of the data contained in the Site, the objective of Divingaway.com being to prevent any access and/or fraudulent use of data, as well as to prevent the alteration, loss and/or destruction of data contained in the Site.
11-1-2 The Service Provider and the User have an obligation to be involved in this implementation in the interest of all parties.
11-1-3 The Service Provider and the User shall not disclose their login data, user name, and password to third parties.
11-1-4 In this context, Divingaway.com undertakes to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of the data contained on the Site and on the Platform as much as possible.
11-1-5 The data is not used for any other purpose than the operation of the Platform. Divingaway.com may use your contact information in order to send you information and/or offers adapted to your needs by email and/or any other means of communication (telephone call, postal letter, etc.).
You may refuse this communication at any time by sending us your request at info@divingaway.com.
11-1-6 The Service Provider and Divingaway.com are committed to protecting the User's personal data. The data collected by Divingaway.com is stored on secure servers for a period of 3 years. After this period and without response to our requests, your personal data will be deleted.
11-1-7 The User's personal data collected by Divingaway.com, such as name, postal address, telephone number, email address, diving level, diving organization, diving insurance, date of the last dive, information on equipment is collected for the processing of the reservation and the proper performance of the services. Thus, the personal data necessary for the service will be recorded in the file of the Provider and Divingaway.com and will be used solely for the proper management of the relationship between the User, Divingaway.com, and the Provider.
11-1-8 access to the User's personal data is strictly limited to employees and agents of the Service Provider and Divingaway.com who are authorized to process such data by virtue of their functions.
11-1-9 Other than as set forth above, the Service Provider and Divingaway.com undertake not to sell, transfer or give access to third parties such data without the written consent of the User unless forced to do so due to a legitimate reason or a case of force majeure (legal obligation, fight against fraud and/or abuse, the exercise of the rights of defense...).
11-1-10 The Service Provider and Divingaway.com acknowledge and accept that the User has the right to access, rectify, carry or delete his personal data and/or to limit the processing. In accordance with the French law "Informatique et Libertés" of January 6, 1978 and pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (RGPD), you may exercise this right of access, rectification, deletion, guidance on their data and opposition on legitimate grounds by sending your request by mail with a copy of your ID to the address SAS ALISANOCE 176, route de la Peyrière, 06250 Mougins.
11-1-11 Divingaway.com is not responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information and dates provided by the User related to his online reservation.
Article 12 - Intellectual property
12-1-1 Divingaway.com has set up the Site and its contents with the simultaneous creation of software, involving databases, logos, names, acronyms, denominations, information, texts, drawings, photographs, design, as well as with the use of many other data, constituting trademarks and registered elements and which are protected by copyright.
12-1-2 Divingaway.com is the exclusive owner of all the rights inherent to these elements, which depend on the legislation relating to intellectual property and exploitation rights, using copyright, database law, design law, and trademark law. This also includes the rights of owners with whom Divingaway.com has entered into a user agreement.
12-1-3 Divingaway.com services and content may not be resold, used, copied, displayed, downloaded, reproduced, or monitored by means of an indexing robot or screen captures. All content and information published on the Divingaway.com website is the property of SAS ALISANOCE.
Article 13 Promotion and marketing of the Service Provider
13-1-1 Divingaway.com is authorized to promote the Service Provider by using the name(s) of the Service Provider in online marketing campaigns, including email campaigns and/or pay-per-click advertising (PPC).
13-1- 2 Divingaway.com is authorized to promote the Service Provider on its own social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest, as part of communication campaigns that Divingaway.com does.
13-1-3 The User may not make any claim to Divingaway.com regarding the order of appearance of the Service Providers.
Article 14 - Satisfaction Questionnaire
14-1-1 At the end of the diving service, the User shall receive a simple questionnaire to be completed in order to express how he has perceived the services of the Provider.
14-1-2 This evaluation of satisfaction is expressed by stars whose average is displayed on the Platform, on the page of the dive center concerned, with the sole aim of informing other Users.
14-1-3 This questionnaire is considered as a survey and, as such, does not include any additional commercial offers, invitations, or advertising.

Article 15 - Technical, IT and Internet connection
15-1-1 Although Divingaway.com does everything possible to satisfy the User, the Platform cannot be held responsible if the non-performance or delay in the performance of one of its obligations is either due to the unforeseeable and insurmountable fact of a third party, or due to the occurrence of a case of force majeure as defined by the Jurisprudence of the French courts.
15-1-2 Divingaway.com cannot be held responsible for all contingencies, inconveniences or damages inherent to the use of the Internet network, particularly in the event of service interruption, external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses.
15-1-3 Divingaway.com cannot be held responsible for any interruption of service due to a technical failure, whether temporary and/or partial, breakdown, repair, update, improvement or maintenance of our website or otherwise.
15-1-4 The User declares that he is aware of and accepts the characteristics and limitations of the internet, in particular its technical performance, the response times for consulting, querying or transferring data, and the risks related to the security of communications.
15-1-5 The User must check his mailbox for spam and junk mail when waiting for a confirmation or rejection email from the Provider.
15-1-6 Divingaway.com does not guarantee that the Site is compatible with the hardware or a particular computer configuration of the User.
15-1-7 Divingaway.com cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect, immaterial, foreseeable or unforeseeable damages (including loss of profits or opportunity ...) that may result from the use or inability to use all or part of the offers presented on the website.
15-1-8 The Platform is hosted by SPIE, whose registered office is located at 10 Avenue de l'Entreprise, 95800 Cergy, France.
Article 16 - Cookie Management Policy
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Article 17 - Attribution of legal competence in the event of a dispute
17-1-1 Although all measures are taken to ensure the best possible quality of service, Divingaway.com shall in no way be held liable for any prejudice or damage related to the use of the information or software available on its Site, whether or not it is a result of negligence, omission or error on its part.
Divingaway.com can, therefore, under no circumstances be held liable for any direct or indirect prejudice whatsoever, including, without limitation, operating losses or business interruption.
17-1-2 The original version of these general terms of use (GTCU) was written in French before being translated into other languages.
17-1-3 Translations of the GCU are provided for information purposes only and shall not be deemed authentic in the event of a dispute over the content or interpretation of these general terms and conditions of use or in the event of inconsistency or difference between the French version and the translated version.
17-1-4 These general terms and conditions of use (GTCU) in the French version shall prevail and be authentic, being governed by French Law.
By selecting the interface of the Site in French, the User will find the French version of these general terms and conditions of use (GCU) in French on the Site.
17-1-5 In the event of a dispute, express jurisdiction is attributed to the courts within the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal of Aix-en-Provence, France.