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Humpback whale

Swimming, Snorkeling and Diving to See and Observe the Humpback whale

The humpback whale is recognizable by its completely black top and its almost white belly. It has a caudal fin that can reach up to one-third of the body's size, much larger than most cetaceans. Adults can reach a length of 17 m and a weight of 23 tons. Humpback whales can dive to a depth of 200 m. It can remain at this depth for 10 to 40 minutes. It can live for 40 years. It can swim at speeds of 8km/h. Its skin is often infested with seashells. Heavy metals have been found in their tissue. Its predators are the man and killer whales as well as sharks big enough to attack the calves. Migrations do not occur in the same period in both hemispheres, so the whales from the north and from the south never meet, which explains the morphological differences. It only sings during the mating period, it emits low tones that vary in frequency and amplitude, and this for hours or even days! It is a great moment of emotion to have the chance to listen to this song of seduction.


Megaptera novaeangliae
Wide angle
Baleine à bosse, Mégaptère, Jubarte, Rorqual à bosse, Humpback whale, Megaptera novaeangliae


Humpback whales have baleens instead of teeth. Baleens look like giant brushes lodged in their jaw. They drain the water and collect the zooplankton. The humpback whale feeds on herring, capelins, mackerels and planktonic crustaceans called krill. It follows the schools of krill in cold waters. It migrates northward in the summer. In winter, it swims southwards to give birth in warm waters favorable to the growth of the calves. They team up and create a bubble net by blowing through their blowhole on the top of their heads. They open their mouth vertically and swim to the surface to catch their prey.


At the age of four, it reaches a length of twelve meters and sexual maturity. Mating takes place in tropical warm waters of both hemispheres. The males compete to win the favors of the females, which gives way to violent fights, amazing acrobatics, and beautiful songs. Mating and parturition take place between December and April in the northern hemisphere, and between June and September in the southern hemisphere. The gestation period lasts eleven months. The calf is four meters long at birth and weighs a ton and a half. At the end of the lactation period, it reaches a length of 9 m. Females give birth to only one calf every two years.

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Dive Bouteille
Guadeloupe  - Terre de Haut

The Dive Bouteille diving center is located in Terre-de-Haut, in the archipelago of Les Saintes, in Guadeloupe, on the beach, a few meters from the boat. Your appointment is at 8:00 am at the center and the boat returns at 12:30 pm. The morning trip includes 2 successive dives on 2 different sites. The surface interval allows you to have a snack on board with tea and biscuits. There is free time for divers and snorkelers to enjoy the beaches and walks in the Saintes archipelago. There is a changing room, toilet, and shower. The rental equipment is maintained and renewed regularly. The prices of the dives include the complete equipment of the diver, except computers and parachutes of level, obligatory to claim to dive in autonomy. It is possible to bring your rebreather to the Dive Bouteille as there is a supply of lime, oxygen, helium, Bailouts. You can even find spare parts for Submatix. The Dive Bouteille training centre offers FFESSM, ANMP and PADI courses. The divers evolve at their own pace, respecting the standards of each of these organizations. And if you have never dived before, try the Dive Bouteille special baptism: you won't regret it! Embark on the Dive Bouteille, an 8.50 meter long aluminum barge, equipped with a powerful engine allowing quick access to the best diving spots in the Saintes. Its good stability and seakeeping are really appreciable. With a capacity of 20 divers, only ten divers can board, optimizing the space for equipment, for more comfort and safety. [+]

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Top Dive Tahiti
Polynesia  - Tahiti

The TopDive dive center is located in the Intercontinental Tahiti Resort & Spa, Tahiti, Polynesia, in the middle of a 10 hectare lush tropical garden on the edge of an idyllic lagoon. Tahiti is the ideal island for a dream holiday. Don't forget the Top Dive honeymoon package! The Top Dive Pass also allows you to pay for 10 dives and do 11 in the different islands and atolls of the archipelago. Nitrox is offered if you are already certified. From August 1st to October 31st, go and meet the whales! This TopDive training center also offers SSI PADI and CMAS courses from the first dive to the Divemaster level, including all the most fun diving specialties! A rehabilitation dive allows you to start again gently if you have not dived for 6 months. Let yourself be tempted by a snorkeling and apnea outing in these clear and warm waters, pure happiness! From the Top Dive club, access is easy to the best diving spots on the western and eastern sides of Tahiti with about ten diving sites. Diving allows you to observe the fauna of the Pacific with the presence of magnificent nudibranchs, the passage of lemon sharks, a school of stealthy silver jacks, the flight of leopard rays, the encounter with whales and dolphins. And don't miss the night dives. Small wrecks are full of life. Take the opportunity to visit the peninsula, Papara, and the east coast, to admire the beautiful landscapes and long black sandy beaches suitable for surfing. Tahiti is the economic heart of Po Free transfers are available from hotels ranging from the Meridian to Tahiti Nui Hotel. On-site, at the Intercontinental, you will enjoy refined cuisine in two different restaurants and dinner shows. There are many activities from jet skiing to Deep Nature spa, ideal as a honeymoon destination! It's a very good starting point for a getaway in the South Pacific. [+]

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Amoray Diving
South Africa  - Mbazwana

Amoray Diving is located in Sodwana Bay, South Africa and offers both training and year round diving exploration on the beautiful Sodwana Reefs. Departure from Sodwana Bay, one of the best dive sites in the world. The reef has an incredibly dense coral covering and a great diversity of fish and crustaceans. There are more than 1,200 listed animal species. Diving conditions vary from easy to difficult depends on the wind and the current. The depth of the sites ranges from 10 m to 30 m for recreational diving. Ideal for deep technical divers. Meeting with a Coelacanth in Sodwana, more than 100 m deep. Amoray Dive boats leave every morning for the reefs of Sodwana Bay, named according to their distance up to Jesser Point. Each of these reefs is a dive site with sometimes isolated reefs like Stringer and Bikini. Opportunity to get to 7 Mile reef, to browse around its north wall, with beautiful overhangs. To the south, mushroom-shaped rocks. The Amoray Diving guides take you to 8-Mile reef, 13 km away, with its incredible pinnacles, caves and cornices. Large Turtles, Sharks, Shrimps, Spider Crabs. Stunning colored corals. And Dolphins along the way. The must is to go to 9 Mile reef with a 25 minutes’ ride and see the 2 m high green coral tree with fish all around. Frogfish. Reef Sharks. Sometimes Great White Sharks. Possibility of accommodation at the Mseni Beach Lodge, in the iSimangaliso Park, in a lush forest with dunes overlooking the ocean, with morning and evening transfers to and from the dive Center. [+]

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