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Cessna 310

Characteristics of the wreck

15 m

Nassau;New Providence
Carribean Sea
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A diving trip to Nassau, New Providence, in the Bahamas archipelago, allows you to explore the wreck of a Cessna 310.You access the wreck by descending along the line of the signal buoy which descends to 18 m. This plane was used in the movie Jaws 3 (or 4) and was deliberately crashed at sea by its pilot who was a stuntman.
The aircraft was refloated and then sunk at this location, in 15 m of water. The interest of the site lies in the presence of the drop-off nearby, 30 m away from the aircraft. The top of this wall, covered with superb sponges, starts at 20m and goes down to 45m. It is crossed by grey reef sharks. The visibility reaches 30 m. Beware, the currents are sometimes down on this site!

Dive centers


Stuart Cove’s
Bahamas  - Nassau

Stuart Cove's Dive Centre is located in Nassau, on the island of New Providence. Open all year round, a morning trip for certified divers is organized with 2 dives on drop-offs, reefs, and wrecks. In Nassau, the contrast of landscapes is great between shallow reefs and the 2,000m deep abyss. You are guaranteed to see sharks on special trips organized by Stuart Cove's. The first shark dive is along with a drop-off, without feeding. The second dive takes place on sand where the group kneels in a semi-circle with 2m long Caribbean reef sharks fed by a divemaster with a long pole. No contact with the animal is allowed. Thrills guaranteed by Stuart Cove's with the Shark Adventure ™ outing at Shark Wall and The Arena, or at Shark Wall North and The Runway to see these reef sharks up close. Stuart Cove's training center also offers beginner and advanced PADI courses from Discover Scuba Diver to Divemaster as well as a shark awareness program to identify sharks by body shape, interpret their behavior and understand their importance in the ocean ecosystem. Certified divers also learn how to deal with sharks. The Shark Feeder Program is designed to teach shark feeding in a 2-day private lesson, using the Neptunic stainless steel chainmail suit, equipped with a helmet. You can then purchase the video and photos of the dives on your return. A PADI certificate is awarded at the end of this special shark program. The hotel and dive packages are very attractive. [+]

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Bahamas - New Providence