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Good Hope

Characteristics of the wreck


South Africa
Simon's Town
Atlantic Ocean
Frigate boat (0)


A diving trip from Simon's Town, South Africa, allows you to dive the wreck of the SAS navy frigate Good Hope located in Smitswinkel Bay. Here you will discover a host of wrecks, all different, 6 of which you will cover in a single dive of 400 m. Two navy frigates, the SAS Transvaal and the SAS Good Hope, as well as two fishing trawlers, the MV Princess Elizabet and the MV Orotava and a dredger MV Rockeater are on the same site. The SAS Transvaal and the SAS Good Hope, convoy escorts during the Second World War, were used as flagships by the South African Navy until 1978. Left to become scrap metal, they were sunk in 1978.

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Where to see, swim, and dive with Good Hope ?

South Africa - Pringle Bay